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Saint-Gobain Group Suppliers Charter

Saint-Gobain Group Suppliers Charter


Having signed up to the UN’s Global Compact, the Group has, since 2003, formalized its values through the General Principles of Conduct and Action applicable to all employees worldwide, and in doing so, confirmed its resolve to work towards responsible business growth.

Accordingly, the economic, social and environmental requirements of sustainable development are fundamental elements in the strategy of the Saint-Gobain Group.

To do so, Saint-Gobain has decided to invite its suppliers to take part in this process within their own sphere of action or influence.

This is the purpose of the present Charter which Saint-Gobain asks its suppliers to support. Their level of commitment in this domain is one of the deciding factors in selecting suppliers and Saint-Gobain will make sure that suppliers fully understand the Charter’s contents.

This Charter is an integral part of the documentation handed out by Saint-Gobain in support of its consultations and is intended to be included in the contractual documents.

The Purchasing Departments of Saint-Gobain Group entities may be led, under certain circumstances, to take the measures they deem necessary to ensure full compliance with the Charter, notably by sending out questionnaires or conducting or having conducted specific audits at the suppliers’ and sub-contractors’ premises.

The Saint-Gobain Group expects its suppliers and sub-contractors to be mindful that their own suppliers and sub-contractors enable them to fully support the principles detailed in this Charter.


Respect the right to development

Suppliers guarantee their employees a decent standard of living.
They participate as much as possible in the development of the country they operate in and work with all types of companies in compliance with this charter.


Employee rights

Regarding relations with their own staff, suppliers and subcontractors comply with the legal rules and regulations applicable in the countries where they operate as well as the norms set out by the International Labour Organization concerning workers’ rights, especially in the area of social security, working hours and conditions, compensation and when it comes to exercising freedom of association.

In particular, suppliers and subcontractors undertake not to resort in any way, shape or form, either directly or through their own subcontractors or suppliers,

  • to forced or mandatory labour,
  • to child labour.

Finally, they make sure that their working practices are free from any form of job discrimination.


Occupational health and safety

Suppliers and subcontractors endeavour to take the necessary steps to ensure occupational health and safety. For their own activities, they implement a policy aimed at identifying and preventing health and safety risks affecting:

  • their full-time and temporary members of staff,
  • their customers’ employees and the users of their products,
  • their own suppliers and subcontractors’ employees (temporary and full-time),
  • the communities surrounding their facilities.

They inform the Saint-Gobain Group of any hazards or risks associated with their products or interventions on Saint-Gobain sites.
Finally, they make sure that their employees fully comply with regulations and Saint-Gobain Health and Safety standards when called out to work on Saint-Gobain sites. They inform Saint-Gobain of any incidents or non-conformities occurring.


Environmental commitment

Suppliers and subcontractors implement policies on managing and improving their manufacturing processes, which are designed to limit their environmental footprint throughout the life cycle of the products they supply. 

In particular, they strive in their respective domains to:

  • reduce their impact on ecosystems and biodiversity,
  • optimise consumption of natural resources and energy,
  • reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, pollutants and volatile organic compounds,
  • reduce quantities of waste released and develop recycling and recovery solutions.

They identify and quantify the significant environmental aspects of their activities, products and services. They set up a traceability of raw materials, components and materials necessary for the provision of services or property.

Suppliers shall be duty-bound to Saint-Gobain to disclose any product information required for the Group’s environmental policy to be applied, especially in terms of Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment. 

Suppliers and subcontractors encourage the development and distribution of environmentallyfriendly technologies and work towards achieving the targets listed above.


Legal compliance commitment

Suppliers carry on their activities in strict compliance with applicable domestic and international legal standards.

In particular:

  • They reject any actions liable to falsify or distort free competition or market access or infringe on the applicable legal rules concerning competition law,
  • They reject any form of active or passive corruption in domestic or international transactions,
  • They refrain from any practice aimed at interesting, either directly or indirectly, any Saint-Gobain employee with whom they have a business relationship in developing their relations, whether personally or in whatever shape or form.


This document is a supplement to the General Principles of Conduct and Action of the Saint-Gobain Group.
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